Work one-on-one or in groups with Mike Dillon on arm care and baseball throwing motor patterns. This baseball training service is a must for athletes from the youth to professional competition levels.

Mike Dillon is the Director of Athletic Training at SPARC Gym. He has almost 40 years of experience in baseball training for both professional and collegiate athletes. He specializes in injury prevention and movement pattern improvement for baseball players. He has worked as a  trainer with SPARC Gym since 2014 after retiring from the University of Georgia’s baseball training staff.

If you are a baseball player, preseason training is a must. Help improve your performance and prevent injury by scheduling a training session today.


Baseball services are designed for arm care and motor pattern coaching for pitchers and fielders. Schedule an initial assessment today and start an athletic training program with Mike Dillon, ATC, CSCS.


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per 30-60 minute session