Athletic Training Services

SPARC's Athletic Training Services are broken up into two categories: Beyond Therapy and Baseball. Beyond Therapy is a critical service for individuals seeking to return to unrestricted exercise or competition after rehabilitating an injury. Additionally, Beyond Therapy is a resource for athletes of any sport to receive expert Athletic Training care. Baseball services are meant for arm care and motor pattern coaching for pitchers and fielders. Schedule an initial assessment today and start an athletic training program with Mike Dillon, ATC, CSCS.

Initial Evaluations

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$100 Get Consultation

Our certified Athletic Trainer, Mike Dillon, conducts a thorough medical evaluation to identify the appropriate corrective procedures for you.



Baseball 1

Starting at $40 30 to 60-minutes

Work one-on-one or in groups with Mike Dillon on arm care and baseball throwing motor patterns. This service is a must for baseball athletes from the youth to professional competition levels.


Book an Appointment

Call 706-286-7338 to book an appointment with Mike or book an appointment with him online through the APPOINTMENTS tab on our booking site: