Small Group Training

Our Small Group Training (SGT) packages offer the BEST solution for many of our clients as it combines individualized programming, expert coaching, gym access, and team training for one convenient price. SGT offers convenience and flexibility of training times.

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Team Training


Starting at $149 Per month

This is performance programming backed by science.  These classes are designed to supercharge your metabolism to continue burning calories long after the workout is finished by combining strength and cardiovascular training in one 60 minute session.  Our specialists will keep you motivated while correcting movement patterns.


Membership Options:

Team Training Membership:


Personal Training

Private Training (2) (1)

Starting at $280

You receive one-on-one training with one of our specialists at the times of your choice.  Our specialists will write a personalized program for you and take you through the program at SPARC. Private training members can participate in open gym and team training programs.


Single Session Pricing: $80 per session

Membership Options:

4 Private Training Sessions:

8 Private Training Sessions:

12 Private Training Sessions:

24 Private Training Sessions:

Check out our SPARC Fitness Group class schedule under the schedule.  Contact us directly to schedule a private training session.  Schedule your initial evaluation today!


We realize that some clients would like a world class facility to train and a great program to follow.  SPARC Athens offers these clients our Open Gym.  This program will give you full access to our facility during our regular business hours.  Team Training, SGT, and Private Training clients will have priority over equipment.  We do have Open Gym training options that include custom programming.  Contact us at