Naturally, we all place a higher priority on the things we’d love to change about our lifestyles around the New Year. However, even our most genuine ambitions often fall by the waist side before February 1st, especially if they are related to health and fitness. Perhaps, we do not routinely place our own health near the top of the priority list.

I’m challenging you today to keep your health and fitness as a high priority for the remainder of the year. February and all the subsequent months are just as critical for your health as January. Here’s why…

Exercise is progressive. The more you do it, the more you will be able to handle. The downside is that if you don’t do it routinely, exercise is regressive. Unfortunately, the rule of thumb is that you can lose your progress in just half the time it took to achieve. Therefore, there’s no possible residual from working out hard in January that will last through February without continuing to train. There’s no time to waste.

Take a moment today in order to refocus on why you made goals to improve your health last month. I believe those reasons are probably related to some of the most important people or things in your life. Keep your fitness goals at the top of the list, so you can be the best version of you for those people or things that motivate you. You need to take great care of yourself month-by-month in order to care for them well.

Next, give some thought to why you are not as zealous as you were 4-weeks ago. Has life gotten busy? Did you have a setback, such as an injury? Did you simply forget that exercising is vital?

I’m sure your individual reason is unique, but I’m just as sure there’s a reasonable solution in order for you to take care of yourself. Figure out what the first step is and take action today! Don’t forget your friends at SPARC are here if you need help sorting things out.

By: Fred Munzenmaier
SPARC Director