At SPARC Gym, we are dedicated to helping you improve athletic movements in order to have a safer, healthier approach to your exercise or sport. Our golf experts are dedicated to improving your swing’s accuracy and velocity, while still protecting your body from injury. That’s why we offer Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Screening at SPARC Gym.

TPI Golf screening not only helps identify physical limitations that shape a player’s swing and contribute to painful movement, it also facilitates communication among professionals in various fields of performance enhancement.

SPARC Trainers Mike Dillon and Michael Mansfield are TPI certified golf fitness instructors. The TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) developed a program designed to train golf professionals and personal trainers to help their clients improve their game. Individuals that go through the program are trained to analyze how physical limitations and swing flaws are affecting performance.

Dillon has 36 years of experience and specializes in injury prevention, and Mansfield is a physical therapist with vast knowledge of injury prevention and performance improvement. Our experts are sure to find the perfect way to improve your game while protecting your body and your health.

TPI Golf Screening is valuable for those interested in:

  • Improving the efficiency of their swing
  • Hitting the ball further without pain
  • Increased endurance and lower scores
  • Returning to golf after injury or surgery
TPI certified