Sports Training

Our staff develops and implements age appropriate and sport specific strength training that is supported by research as well as our extensive sports training experience. All our athletes learn proper mechanics prior to progressive loading to minimize the risk of injury and insure a better transfer of training to sports. Sports training programs start with a warm-up followed by speed and agility training and concluded with strength and conditioning workouts. Current training options are available for middle school, high school and professional athletes. Programs include regular testing in the Standing Long Jump, Vertical Jump, and 5-10-5 drill as well as various lifts to show consistent improvement and feedback for our staff, clients, and parents.

The staff at SPARC Gym specializes in sports training for athletes of every level. Making sure your body is healthy and operating at its highest capacity is our top priority at SPARC.

Middle School


$125 Per month

SPARC Middle School programs emphasize proper movement patterns. The programs run for 60 minutes. Athletes will learn proper warm up prior to the start of training. After the warm-up our coaches will guide them through a speed and agility session. Sessions conclude with strength training to reinforce optimal motor patterns.


Pricing is $125 per month and includes up to 3 training sessions per week

Elite / Pro

Sports Performance (6)

Starting at $200 Per month

SPARC offers collegiate and professional athletes a comprehensive and integrated sports performance program.  Please contact us for more information.


SPARC offers professional athletes access to world class training facilities, a sports medicine staff, and a performance clinic. Prices vary depending on your specific needs. Contact for more information.


SPARC has a separate baseball training program for athletes from the youth to professional competition levels. Work one-on-one with SPARC’s Director of Athletic Training.