Maribeth Farr

Maribeth Farr, Front Desk Specialist

Maribeth attended Georgia Southern University and received her degree in Athletic Training. She joined the SPARC team in July of 2017 and provides all of our clients with exceptional customer service and care.

Chris Seponski

Chris Seponski, Coach

Chris joined the SPARC team in April 2017 after numerous coaching stops in and out of the collegiate setting.  Chris’ coaching experiences include time with the University of Arkansas’ Olympic sports and the Wyle Inc. exercise science team at the NASA Johnson Space Center.  Most recently, Chris was an assistant strength coach for the University of Georgia’s football team.  His passion focuses on improving lives through evidence-based strength and power training protocols.

Josh Bricker

Josh Bricker, Program Coordinator

Josh joined SPARC in August of 2016 after interning in Olympic Sports at UGA.  Josh competed in collegiate baseball at LaGrange College where he got his Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science.  He will be finishing his Masters in Kinesiology from UGA in December of 2016. Josh is passionate about improving the physical abilities of athletes and fitness populations, as well as encouraging them to build great character.

Danielle Hanneman

Danielle Hanneman, Coach

Danielle has been in the fitness industry in Athens since 2010 and came on board with SPARC in March of 2016. She is a UGA “Double Dawg” with degrees in Family and Consumer Sciences and Nonprofit Organization Management. She loves working with both individuals and groups in order to help clients uncover a love for fitness and wellness and unleash their full potential!

Amy Walden

Amy Walden, Coach

Amy is currently a fifth year Nutrition Science major at the University of Georgia. In the fall, she will be returning to obtain a Master of Science in Kinesiology degree with a concentration in Motor Behavior. Throughout her undergraduate career, Amy competed in powerlifting through the USAPL organization across the southeast region and at the national level. Amy has enjoyed growing professionally through teaching a variety of fitness classes, private training, and sports performance programs.

Chris Lee

Chris Lee, Coach

Chris joined SPARC in March of 2016 after interning under the SPARC team. Chris competed for UGA’s club rowing team, recreationally in triathlons, and is currently training in mixed martial arts. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Exercise & Sport Science at the University of Georgia and has since trained a variety of clients including first responders. He enjoys working with all types of clients in team, small group, and private training to provide a fun and challenging experience.

Brad David

Brad David, Manager

Brad has developed an effective training philosophy that emphasizes the teaching of functional movement through goal-driven progression. This approach has succeeded with D1 collegiate athletes, adults between the ages of 60 and 90, and many other populations. Brad received a master’s degree in Strength and Conditioning from the University of Georgia. From performance enhancement to injury prevention, Brad strives to develop a program that progresses towards your goals, whatever they may be.

Suzanne Jones

Suzanne Jones, Licensed Massage Therapist

Suzanne is more than a massage therapist.  She’s a part of your wellness team.  Suzanne uses deep tissue, active release and fascial abrasion to improve range of motion and muscle quality.  She, also, provides our staff with hands on assessments of clients to improve our programming for clients.   

Anna Munzenmaier

Anna Munzenmaier, Coach

Anna started at SPARC in July of 2014.  Anna competed as a high level gymnast and cheerleader.  She graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in exercise science.  Anna designs many of our fitness programs and created our women’s strength program.  She works with clients of all shapes and sizes looking to improve movement and general fitness.

Fred Munzenmaier

Fred Munzenmaier, Director

Fred joined the SPARC team in August of 2014.  Many of you may remember him from his playing days at the University of Georgia.  He’s an expert in speed and strength training, as well as kettlebell training. In addition to supporting the training programs at SPARC, he directs the management team and business development.