A program designed for runners, cyclists, swimmers, and multi-sport athletes to maximize race performance and prevent injury. The primary focus of the Endurance program is mobility, stability, strength, power, balance, and flexibility. The coaching packages available you with a high level of attention to detail. It includes annual training plans customized to your phase of training as well as the number of days and hours per week the athlete is available to train. Programs are completed in 4-week blocks according to individual needs, and are modified as necessary. All athlete tracking will occur via online training software (Training Peaks). Athletes will have access to the coach by e-mail and phone, as well as in person meetings by appointment. Each program includes an initial assessment and basic nutrition parameters. At least a 3 month commitment is required!

Novice Endurance Training Package


$175 monthly

  • Initial assessment including a Functional Movement Screen and Health/ Racing history
  • Annual training plan
  • 2-day per week membership for SPARC Sports Performance Program
  • Helps determine endurance training and strength training options

Pro Endurance Training Package


$250 monthly

  • $100 Initial Fee
  • Initial Assessment; DEXA Scan, Lactate Threshold test, Functional Movement Screen, Health/Racing History
  • Annual Training Plan
  • Membership to SPARC facilities and 2-day per week strength training program
  • Basic Nutrition Information for training and racing