Whether your loved one is a runner, baseball player or a pro athlete perfecting their skill, SPARC sports performance training is an awesome gift option for the holidays!

Middle School Training

If you have a middle schooler, this is a great gift option! Our sports performance training provides younger athletes with skills and guidance in order to keep them healthy and to help them improve and perform well. This training helps younger athletes prepare for a future as an athlete by strengthening them and building endurance. It is a 60-minute program that offers knowledge and experience in strength and agility!

High School Training

We understand that high school athletics are competitive, and we want to help! What better way to help them prepare for the upcoming season than giving them the gift of sports performance training? This training focuses on movement patterns and variations and progressive loading. This 60-minute program gives high school athletes a good workout to enhance their performance and avoid injury. It includes a warm-up, speed, and agility training and conditioning.

Elite/Pro Training

If you or someone you know is looking to improve athletic performance, this training makes a perfect gift! Our elite/pro training is focused on injury prevention and improving your overall strength and health. We work with both pro athletes as well as college athletes to stay in shape during off seasons. Our trainers help improve your sport while also making sure to keep your whole body healthy.

Baseball Training

Baseball is a big deal – we understand! That is why we offer a specific training program that would be a great gift idea for the baseball player in your life. Our trainers work on one-on-one on arm care and throwing patterns. This training is a must for baseball players from the youth to professional level.