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The massage therapists at SPARC are highly skilled and knowledgeable, and they perform massages with purpose.

  • Feeling sore after a workout?

  • Want to make sure your body is operating at its highest capacity?

  • Recovering from an injury?

The massage therapists at SPARC perform massages that produce results. These aren’t your typical hot stone and tranquil background music massages; the massages at SPARC help heal your body and enhance your overall wellness.

“These aren’t fluff massages. These are massages with purpose designed for prevention, rehab and long term wellness.”

–SPARC Massage Client

“This is a place of healing. These guys know their craft.”

–SPARC Massage Client

“The staff is extremely knowledgeable in the sports medicine and injury fields, and they talk you through exactly what they’re doing.”

–SPARC Massage Client

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