Hello All,

We are excited at SPARC right now! Spring weather is arriving, and we hope you all are also getting to enjoy it. We would like to take this opportunity to announce changes coming down the pipeline at SPARC. We believe these changes will help us serve you all as the best wellness and performance training providers in Athens, GA. We expect for these new programs and restructuring of current programs to take effect in May 2015.

Sports Performance
There will not be any immediate changes to the Pro and International Elite programs. However, Middle School and High School Sports Performance will be offered as separate programs moving forward, instead of being lumped together. We have noticed and received feedback that separating these age groups will make for more effective training programs for several reasons, including the following:

  • More focused and engaged coaching
  • Better approach to training middle school athletes on the fundamentals of movement that lead to high performance and injury prevention
  • A greater level of specialization of training for high school athletes who are physically maturing and focusing on fewer sports/activities
  • Ability to incorporate speed, agility, plyometric, and prehab training into every athlete’s program
  • Introduction of the SPARC In-season Training Program for strength maintenance and injury prevention throughout athletes’ competitive seasons
  • Testing to measurably improve performance

Fitness and Wellness
We are adding layers to the SPARC Fitness and Wellness program. Our mission is to offer more than just training programs, because a program alone is not typically the entire solution. We strongly desire to use our knowledge, experience, and resources to help our members overcome the barriers that stand in the way of success so often, like time, accountability, health, and so on. Moving forward, our Fitness and Wellness Program will have the following additions

  • Three levels of assessment
    • Base – Functional Movement Screen, health history, and goals consultation
    • Advanced – includes all of the above plus medical movement screen, Dexascan or biometric measurements, nutrition assessment, strength testing for symmetry, periodic consultations throughout the year
    • Elite – includes all of the above plus V02 (sub or max test), gait analysis, resting metabolic rate test, and a meal
  • SPARC Unlimited Access Membership
    • Comprehensive training plan
    • Customized exercise program
    • Open Gym access with dedicated resource for assistance
    • Team Training access (group fitness classes)
    • Special rates on Private and Semi-private Training
    • Online access and program tracking for training away from SPARC
    • Discounts on select ancillary services

Client Management Software, Cancellation Policy, and Payment Processing
To date, we have used Mindbody as our platform for client management. While Mindbody is a great system, we often hear from clients that it is difficult to navigate, locate products or services, and not user friendly for scheduling or cancelling classes and appointments. Therefore, we have been testing numerous other platforms and believe we have found the best solution. We will push out specific details as soon as we are ready to launch the new management system. As we prepare for this change, please make note of these new policies that will accompany the transition:

  • Online sign-up for Sports and Fitness classes will be required at least 1-week in advance
  • Cancellations will be permitted up to 24-hours before classes or appointments; otherwise, charge for scheduled classes or appointments will be required
  • Billing will be done entirely on a paperless system
  • With the exception of appointment based services, such as massage or nutrition, all clients will be enrolled in our autopay system (if a client opts out of autopay a $10/transaction processing fee will be added to price of services)

Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement of changes that will soon be introduced at SPARC. Please note, there will be price changes to some programs, and we will list those specifically with all other necessary information and details when we officially introduce these new programs and modifications in the weeks to come. If you have an active membership at SPARC, you will not be subject to any price changes. However, if you discontinue and return, or your membership expires and requires renewal, price changes will be applicable. Furthermore, price changes will be applicable to all SPARC clients as of January 1, 2016.

We look forward to the success we believe our members will experience through the direction we are going with the programs at SPARC. Please be on the lookout for an official introduction of our programs as we approach May 2015.


The SPARC Team