SPARC is launching a program to promote fitness and healthy living to girls in 2015 called EMPOWER! This class will introduce physical fitness and fundamental movement patterns to girls who may or may not participate in sports or exercise in an inviting and gracious environment. SPARC is fighting against the grain in a society that puts wrongful emphasis on appearance, so we hope to empower girls to love and treasure themselves just the way they were made! By encouraging proper nutrition and emphasizing all the lasting benefits of exercise, we will equip them with the tools necessary to feel strong, beautiful, and energized.  In addition to strength training and nutrition education, another goal will be to develop the value of reinforcing community through group cohesiveness and team building. By the knowledge and skills we teach, we desire to construct a strong physical and mental foundation enabling them to build a healthy lifestyle.

Core Components of Empower:

Fitness– In terms of fitness we seek to develop neuromuscular coordination, spatial awareness, strength, balance, and flexibility. With proper coaching on movement technique we hope to strengthen and prevent structural weaknesses that could lead to potential injuries.

Nutrition– With the guidance of our certified nutritionist, Tena Daniel, the girls will learn what to eat for meals, snacks, and pre/post game or exercise. They will learn how to fuel their growing muscles properly and how powerful nutrition is in keeping their bodies functioning efficiently and beautifully. In addition to guidance on how to eat, the girls will get healthy recipes to collect and information on how to substitute nutritional ingredients into every meal! The knowledge they gain will help them make wise choices without making them feel restricted when it comes to eating their favorite treats. We want them to understand that balance and moderation can be easy and make for a colorful plate!

Team Building– Through group training and activities, our hope is to teach girls the importance of building one another up through encouragement and support. We want the girls to understand that fitness and life is more fun when accomplished together with the help of friends

This class is for girls from 12 & up and does not discriminate against any fitness level. 

The class will be a 2-day per week program on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30PM at SPARC. Class leaders are Anna Munzenmaier, Lauren Peterson, and Tena Daniel.

Signup online now or call us. Class starts Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 4:30PM. 

Cost is $125/month, but those who register before January 1, 2015 will receive their first month for $100.