Happy Thanksgiving! As we enjoy this holiday of reflection and relaxation filled with good food and great company, the SPARC team remembers how grateful we are to have worked with so many wonderful people at SPARC this year. We would like to say thank you to everyone who trains and has trained with us in the past.

Soon after Turkey Day passes, the sports and fitness world will give way to countless New Year’s resolution marketing campaigns to jump start a new year on the right foot. That is a great idea, because it’s never too late to start improving the health and functionality of your body, whether you are looking for a general fitness program or better sports performance.

However, there is no on/off switch that says “dedication” on any of our bodies. Being healthy requires a steady acquisition of conditioning and discipline to properly take care of ourselves, not a New Year’s revelation. Getting fit does not happen on a 1-month gimmick in January either. It happens over the long-term with consistency, because we care about and respect ourselves in a deeper way that motivates us to prioritize keeping our bodies healthy for life.

The point we are driving at SPARC is that being physically fit or high performing athletically is a lifestyle. There are no shortcuts. There are no reinventions to the wheel. There’s a way, but it involves knowledge, experience, adherence, and effort. Our SPARC team is dedicated to the first two, so you do not have to wonder how to start or go about the path. You must take ownership of the last two, though.

We encourage you to contact us and learn more about our services. It would be an honor to have you come on board at SPARC, and you do not have to wait until January 1, 2015 either. We can start today. If we do not have what you are looking for, we will be happy to refer you to others we trust.

Finally, here is a holiday icebreaker, so you can meet our team and know what they are looking forward to feasting on for Thanksgiving…

Tena Daniel, Registered Dietitian and NBA Slam Dunk Competition Choreographer, enjoys dressing with giblet gravy by her mom, Peggy DeVore.

Suzanne Jones, Massage Therapist and world record holder for consecutive jumps on a pogo stick (206,865 bounces), likes oyster dressing that is actually her own recipe.

Mike Dillon, Athletic Trainer and yoga pants fashionista, will be first in line for pumpkin pie by his wife Ouida.

Nicole Lomnicka, SPARC Specialist and owner of a large chain of alligator farms along I-20, recalls her favorite Thanksgiving meal included a deep fried turkey and mashed sweet potatoes by her friend Sean Collins.

Anna Munzenmaier, SPARC Specialist and Women’s Division 2012 Lumberjack Bowl gold medalist, always has the most colorful plate at the table, but her featured portion is sweet potatoes with brown sugar glaze and candied pecans by her mother-in-law, Angie Munzenmaier.

Lauren Peterson, our newest SPARC Specialist and transatlantic pedal boat captain, loves waking up to the aroma of mashed sweet potatoes by her mom Becky Peterson on the last Thursday of every November.

Bo Stansell, SPARC Specialist and amateur brain surgeon, says he goes back for second’s of more dressing by his grandma, Ann Parrish.

Mike Lambert, SPARC Specialist and Twilight memorabilia collector, keeps the kitchen clean by swinging by his neighborhood Publix for his favorite pumpkin pie.

Adam Nelson, SPARC Director and certified blimp pilot, does not like many foods traditionally offered at Thanksgiving, but that does not stop him from preparing what he is most thankful for… steak and potatoes.

Fred Munzenmaier, SPARC Manager and Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating 2010 Runner-up, fills up most on stuffing by his mom, Angie Munzenmaier, and prefers covering the majority of the items on his plate generously in gravy.

We hope to see you in December!

The SPARC Team