SPARC’s Beyond Therapy is a critical service for individuals seeking to return to unrestricted exercise or competition after rehabilitating an injury. Additionally, Beyond Therapy is a resource for athletes of any sport to receive expert Athletic Training care.

Our Fitness Center

At SPARC, we aren’t just a gym. We are a multi-disciplinary team of experts who help you succeed using our state of the art fitness center. Our main concern is your health and wellness. We know that every person’s needs are different, and our personal trainers and coaches intend to create an individualized program that is made for you. Our fitness center is equipped to cater to any kind of exercise and fitness needs.

Initial Evaluation

Before you begin training, SPARC Gym will have an initial consultation where our certified Athletic Trainer conducts a thorough medical evaluation to identify the appropriate corrective procedures for you. They will talk with you about your needs, your goals, the results you wish to see, injuries you may have, your daily habits, and anything that may affect your workouts. We are concerned with your health and wellness; we will design a program around your needs and ambitions after talking with you.

Beyond Therapy

Book appointments with our certified Athletic Trainer. Our trainer works with you for 30-minutes or 60-minutes at our fitness center to correct movement patterns and rehabilitates injuries. Beyond Therapy is also the best means for transitioning from physical therapy programs to unrestricted physical activity.

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