SPARC Gym now offers Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Screening! We care about your sport and we want you to be able to practice well to perform well. Here at SPARC Gym, your health is our number one priority, so we make sure to protect your body to avoid injury in any sport that you play!

The benefits of TPI make it well worth your time and energy. The program not only identifies physical limitations that might be affecting your golf swing, but it also gives you insight from golf professionals on how to improve and keep your body feeling great in the process.

The Titleist Performance Institute was created with the idea of helping golfers improve their game by bringing in professionals to train and identify how physical limitations and swing flaws affect performance.

Mike Dillon and Michael Mansfield are two of our trained professionals at SPARC Gym who are dedicated to helping you become a better, healthier golfer. Dillon, one of our certified golf fitness instructors, has 36 years of experience in this field and is sure to help you improve your game. Mansfield is a physical therapist and is committed to making your golfing experience injury-free.

This program is the perfect opportunity to learn more about your golf skills and develop them further to become an even better player. SPARC Gym wants to help you in all that you do, and our golf professionals are here for you!