At SPARC, we approach fitness through functional movement. To experience a high quality of life, you must be able to confidently and safely move. Fundamental human movement can be broken down into these 5 categories:

Squat: Getting out of a chair; climbing stairs; sprinting.
Hinge: Picking up objects from the floor; jumping; explosive movement.
Push: Lifting objects overhead; getting yourself up from the ground; sport-specific movement.
Pull: Climbing; Posture; dragging objects.
Carry: This one is self explanatory. We need to be able to carry objects with proper mechanics.

If you wish to preserve your joints, prevent injury, and gain strength, these movements need to be progressively worked on a regular basis. Training these movements can be quick, efficient, and productive. For the days when you don’t have much time to exercise, performing a dumbbell complex may be your answer.

Complexes are a series of exercises done with little to no rest in between. For an extra challenge, try not to set the weights down between exercises. At the end of each set, take a brief rest before repeating the complex again. This fast-moving workout style can burn fat and train strength at the same time. Aim for the following rep schemes based on your goals:

Fat Loss: 3-5 rounds of 8-10 reps per exercise with low to moderate weights. Rest 1 minute after each round.
Hypertrophy: 3-5 rounds of 3 reps per exercise with moderate to heavy weights. Rest 1 minute after each round.
Strength: 3 rounds of 3 reps per exercise with heavy weights. Rest 2 minutes after each round.

Give the following dumbbell complex a try. Pick the weights that match your goals and allow you to safely complete each exercise. If your form is breaking down, go down in weight until form is restored.

Good luck and have fun!