One of the many things we do here at SPARC is massage. Our massage therapists, Suzanne and Paula, are masters of their craft. Their knowledge of sports massage, neuromuscular, active release, myofascial techniques and more is extensive. But don’t take our word for it. Check out what pleased patient Angela had to say about her experience at SPARC massage.

I’ve tweaked my back more times than I’d like to count- maybe twice every year. So I should know better than to twist and bend while changing the gas tank on the grill. But I did it anyway, and the next day I could hardly move.

Walking into the office that day, a co-worker inquired as to why I was slowly shuffling down the hall; I told him about the incident and he immediately said “Go to SPARC and see Paula.”

Ok, first off, what is SPARC? And why would I let anyone touch my back when I can’t even stand to wear a belt because it’s so sensitive?

Being a former athlete, my buddy said “Trust me. It’s what you need to do.”

So I made the call. Got an appointment with Paula two days away.

By the time I arrived at SPARC, I was moving a little better, but still in the pain over 5 category.

I was pretty surprised to walk into a GYM. Like a cool gym with astroturf for athletes, instructors with groups everywhere, and only a few machines. Wasn’t the typical gym for sure.

I met Fred and he talked with me for a minute while walking me to the second floor to meet with Paula.

Paula was very welcoming and inviting. I told her why I was there, she inquired about my workout regime (none, don’t judge), eating habits (again, don’t judge), and overall lifestyle so she could assess the best way to tackle this touchy lower back issue.

I’ll admit, the questions were a bit intrusive at first, but after Paula showed me on the 3-D model what muscle groups were being affected, where she was going to apply pressure, and what areas to tackle first, I was completely blown away and comforted.

See, I’ve only gotten what I consider to be “day spa” massages. Hot stones, flower petals, and mimosas.

SPARC is soooooo much more than that. Nope, you won’t get a mimosa. What you’ll get is a massage therapist that specializes each massage to the needs of your body. They assess, converse and with their sports medicine backgrounds, make an educated decision on what will help your body get better, not just relax it.

Ok, back to the massage… I slipped under the cover and Paula arrived to do her magic. I nervously asked “are you going to hurt me?” and her response was “not unless you want me to”. HA. Yep. Paula has a sense of humor as well.

I have to admit, I didn’t know how the heck she was going to do anything that would not hurt me; my lower back was so sensitive to the touch. But once she started, I felt completely relaxed and my mind was put to ease. She talked me through what she was doing, what muscle group she was focusing on, what oil she was using and why. It was amazing; I felt no pain, only my muscles relaxing.

When she was finished, I got off the table feeling almost euphoric. My back was still a little sore, but all the stiffness was gone. Paula then talked through what she recommended and how she felt my overall recovery would go. She also mentioned that one of the trainers, Brad, would send me an email with exercises that may help with the strengthening and recovery.

Oh, and drink water, people. Paula yelled at me. She was right, too. Drink. Water. I’m going to grab a bottle now.

Ok, I’m back. The day after my massage, my back felt amazingly better. With previous back injuries, it took me weeks to get to this point. I was AMAZED!

I drank more water. Worked on the exercises Brad sent. And looked forward to my next Specialty Massage with Paula.

Why get a massage at a gym? The answer is simple – to feel better. Relaxing is temporary; a SPARC massage is lasting. It keeps your body on track and allows you to get back to life faster after an injury, and helps you prevent future injuries. You won’t regret it.

Ask for Paula. Tell her Angela sent you…and that she told you to drink more water.


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